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Turmeric Basil Herbal Tea - health benefits - does it improve kidneys health?

 Turmeric Basil Tea: Many people suffer from kidney diseases every year due to neglect of health. Statistics show that up to two and a half lakh new people suffer from kidney-related diseases every year in India. Also, three and a half crore people have to have dialysis every year, according to the 'The Lancet Global Health' report. This report summarises that 10 per cent of our country's population suffers from chronic kidney diseases. All this is because we don't take special care to keep the kidneys healthy. That's why Ayurvedic experts say that people with kidney problems regularly drink tea made of basil and turmeric. Drinking this tea regularly will free your body from a variety of diseases.

Turmeric Basil Health benefits

Tea made of basil and turmeric works to remove toxins from our body. So that all toxins in the kidney can go out. It was completely cleaned. Turmeric and basil tea are beneficial for those suffering from cold, cough and phlegm problems. It also prevents inflammation in the throat in winter. People with asthma take this tea to open the respiratory tract completely. This makes breathing easier. Drink this tea daily if you are suffering from stress problems. Drinking this drink calms the nerves in the brain. It causes rapid blood flow to the brain. It relieves mental stress—immunity increases in your body.

Turmeric basil tea for Kidneys health

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