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7 Natural Ways To Grow Hair Faster- The methods are

Tell me who does not want long hair. However, due to malnutrition, hair growth stops due to other reasons and starts falling out. Experts say that it is enough to follow specific methods to strengthen the hair again and reduce hair loss. It is said that hair can grow back naturally by following these methods. And now, let's look at those methods.

7 Natural Ways To Grow Hair Faster- The methods are

by Using of Hair Conditioner:

The use of conditioner helps the hair to grow faster. Using it will make the hair fall out less. So it is better to use a hair conditioner.

By frequent haircut:

Cutting the hair once every eight to ten weeks is likely to make the hair grow faster. Due to the dust and sunlight, the ends of the hair usually appear brittle. If it is neglected, it will spread to both ends. The result is hair loss. However, trimming the split ends will make the hair grow faster as you trim your hair regularly.

By Massaging with hot oil 

Massage with hot oil to reduce stress. Massaging your hair with hot oil every week will keep your hair healthy.  It helps your hair to look beautiful and grow. you can use Coconut, Lavender or olive oil for heating purpose

By Combing hair  every night before you going to bed.

You hear the news that excessive combing can cause hair loss and damage to the hair. However, experts say that combing the hair before going to bed at night can be beneficial. Doing so will strengthen the hair roots and make them grow faster.

Do not tie wet hair with a towel.

Most people have a habit of wrapping wet hair with a towel after bathing with shampoo. However, wrapping wet hair with a towel will make the hair fall out more. As such, you should use a microfiber towel.

It is better to reduce stress 

Stress can have many side effects on your health. Hair loss can be caused by stress due to work or personal issues. Practice meditation and yoga to reduce this stress.

Apply the egg to the scalp.

Egg yolk can be applied to the hair. It helps a lot in hair growth. Eggs are rich in protein. Add a spoonful of olive oil to the egg. Apply the mixture to the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes. After that, the hair should be washed clean. Doing this once a month can be very useful.

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