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How to Improve Joint Health Naturally

      How to Improve Joint Health Naturally

       Nowadays in our routine life, we are getting joint pains. Actually, joint pains occur at the age of above 50 years. But these days people who are age is 40-50 years are also suffering from knee pains. This is because of unhealthy food, unrest to knees, don't do exercise, etc.
      According to WHO (world health organization), 19%of people in the world are suffering from joint pains. Here we go to know how to improve joint health naturally. 

How to Improve Joint Health Naturally

1.Omega-3 fatty acids 

     Fatty acids and fish oils are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Coldwater fishes contain terrific polyunsaturated fatty acids which are most healthy for the human body. It may reduce inflammatory proteins in our body and also increases brain function, lower diabetes, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. 
  Coldwater fishes that contain rich omega-3 fatty acids are: 
   Doing massage with fish oil at joints may reduce pains and improve bone strength. 


2. Brassica Vegetables

       Brassica vegetables are commonly known as the cabbage family and mustard family. Cruciferous vegetables are leafy green vegetables like arugula, purple cabbage, kale broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. These all vegetables reduce swelling in the joints. It may also contain fiber and vitamins.


3. Colourful Fruits 

        Fruits contain high sugar content and excellent antioxidants. Fruits like berries have more reducing inflammatory properties than vegetables in our body. Berries are high in the most powerful flavonoids- anthocyanins which help to stop the inflammatory reaction in our body.
       Apple is rich in fiber and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapple contains bromelain content, which reduces the joint pains caused due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pineapple stem and cors have the most benefits of joint pains.

4.Root Vegetables

        Root vegetables contain anti-inflammatory properties. Root vegetables like garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric, beetroots and carrot used for treating joint pains. They are low in calories and contain vitamins and minerals. Onions contain antioxidants that protect cells against oxidative damage. Ginger also contains antioxidants that help to relieve menstrual pain and decreases symptoms of osteoarthritis. Garlic supplies manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C to our body. It has the most important well-known medicine compounds.


5. Bone Broth  

       Bone broth contains glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium and amino acids which are most essential for bone density. The gelatin that comes from inside cooking bones helps to recovers the damaged part in the joints and reduces joint pain. Increases bone strength and health.


Tips to reduce joint pains at home

*Do physical activities.
*Strengthening exercise.
*Posture and support.
*Weight loss and diet.
*Aromatherapy preparations.-
*Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation(PRICE)
*Heat with hot water at the knee.
*Cold with ice cubes at joints.
*Take advice near acupuncture doctor.
*Do tai chi exercise.
*Don't rest too much.
*Try to don't fall.

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