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Workout at home without equipment - Fitness At Home

        Workout at home without equipment- Fitness At Home

Fitness workout At Home

Are you want to go to the gym? but fearing about pandemic? then do exercises at home to be fit. Don't you know which exercises want to do for every part of the body let get to know here?

Note: Use yoga mate for some exercises and try to use towels along with freshwater or energy drink with you.


    Push-ups -

 First put your hands and knees on a yoga mat to ensure your hands straight to your shoulder, straighten your legs out and support your hands and toes of your legs. Put your body straight from the head to the heel. Bend your elbows and bring your chest nearer to the mat and push up back to stating a position. For beginners complete the push-ups with your knees on the floor. Do 3sets and one set is equal to 12 reps.


Push-ups shuffle:- 

Complete push-ups either on knees or with your legs extended depending on your fitness level then shuffle your right hand and right leg to the right side bring your left hand and left leg to meet them complete another push-up there return to the centre and repeat same to the left side. Do 2sets each set 5 shuffles in each direction.

push up shuffle


 Triceps dips 

Seat in front of the bench or edge to the cough with your legs extended out in front of you away from the bench. Put your hands on the bench with shoulder width and fingers should be pointing towards your body straighten your arms and pull your body up from the floor and then bend the elbow and push down your body to the floor, your elbow should be bend about a 90-degree angle. For beginners or to make these exercise easy keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle do 2sets each set of 12 reps.

triceps dips

 Plank Up And Downs:- 

Put your hands and legs on the floor as pushup position bend your left elbow down to the mat at an angle of 90 degrees and then bend your right elbow down to the mat straight to the shoulder keep your body as straight-line push-up your body and straighten your right arm then as well as a left repeat for 30sec every day.

plank up and down

Core And Abdominal Muscles:-

Planks - 

Start on the mat keep your hands and toes on the floor as push-up positions keep your neck straight and your eyes should be a focus on the floor for beginners bend your legs to an angle of 90 degrees on the knees and toes should be a touch on the floor or bend your hands an angle 90 degrees at the elbow and touch your toes on the floor hold for 30sec, as long as you can manage that good for a flat stomach.


Bicycle Crunches:- 

Lay your back on the mat with your arms bend and touch your head and your legs should be straight. Pull your knees up near to the chest as you lift your shoulder from the floor extend your right leg, and touch knees with left elbow same with other side. Make it for 30sec for 1set  and do 2sets every day.   

bicycle crunches

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