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Best Foods for Dental Health

                 Best Foods for Dental Health

 It is most important to protect your teeth from damage and poor oral hygiene. Everyone likes beautiful and white teeth. But your teeth are looking in yellowish colour because of damage in teeth. Many foods and beverages can cause bacteria like plaque which contribute to tooth decay and gum diseases.

       Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in our body. It will damage by acid attacks and bacteria. When enamel breaks down, it causes cavities development. Cavities are the common chronic diseases faced by children at the age of 6 to 19 years. This causes pains, chewing problems and tooth abscesses. To be strong teeth we have to eat a portion of healthy food and follow some daily tips.
Best foods for Dental Health


1. Dairy Products

      Dairy products like cheese, milk and plain yoghurt help to rebuild tooth enamel. Cheese is a saliva maker. Cheese and milk contain calcium and phosphorus which recover minerals lost by eating other foods. Cheese is a superfood for the teeth due to its ability to combat acid erosion of the teeth.

dairy products

2. Fish

      Fish is important to provide calcium to our body, to protect teeth and gum from diseases. Fish contain high protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B2, phosphorus, and minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, potassium and are low in fat. Without vitamin D, the body can't absorb calcium which is important to our body. Fatty fish like salmon, trout are a great source of vitamin D, which helps to protect our teeth and gums from diseases like cavities.


3.Green and Black Tea

      Green and Black teas contain polyphenols which help to protect teeth by interacting with plaque bacteria. They kill the bacteria formed by sugars in your mouth and remove the acids which destroying tooth enamel.

green and black tea

4. Oranges

       Oranges are citrus fruit but they contain vitamin C in citrus which improves blood vessels and connective tissue to slow down the progression of gum diseases by decreasing inflammation. 
     By eating oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits regularly, very useful to your body health. And one more thing that you should remember that after eating citrus fruit wait for at least 1 hour before brushing your teeth. It means there should 1-hour time difference between eating and brushing.


5. Water 

         99.5 %water make saliva in your mouth. By dehydration, saliva becomes thicker and may cause great damage to your mouth.
      The most favourable levels of water in saliva are essential to break down your food, levelling your bacterial acid and reducing tooth decay. Having water after eating food or drinking coffee will give relief to teeth. 


6. Chocolate

        Chocolate contains 70% of cocoa. Dark chocolate is a superfood for teeth that helps to harden tooth enamel and reducing tooth decay. All people think that all chocolate damage teeth, it's not right. Only candy chocolates will damage your teeth. Dark chocolates are very important for your health. After eating any chocolate, try to clean your teeth and mouth with water after some time.

dark chocolate

Some other best foods for dental care:

*Rich fibre fruits and vegetables.
*Sugarless chewing gums to remove food particles in between the teeth from your mouth and also helps as a saliva maker.
*Foods with fluorides.

The worst food that you should avoid for dental health are: 

*Sticky candies and sweets.
*Starchy foods like potatoes chips and soft bread that can get stuck in your mouth.
*Carboned soft drinks.
*Alcohol and some other medicines that may dry your mouth.
*Avoid eating water ice cubes.

Some more tips you should do at home for dental healthcare:

*Brush your teeth twice a day.
*Floss and use mouth wash at least 3 hours once a day.
*Use a fluoride treatment 
*Visit the dentist regularly.

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