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Tips to Maintain a Healthy and Fit body


Tips to Maintain a Healthy and Fit body


Tips to maintain a health and fit body

Are all of you thinking about your health and fitness? We know that you don't have time to go gym for fitness and don't want to eat for your health. Are you maintaining diets to be slim? All those crazy fad diets you keep trying and failing at! You hear your friends and family members motivational stories on how he /she loses their weight in few months and decided to hope on the fitness bonded and planned to start fitness from the next week and then pushed to next month and so on like these; you can't get fitness. Let's go to start your health and wellness by eating healthy food.

Here are some tips by nutritionists:

1.Protein intake

       Macrobiotic nutritionist Shilpa Arora said that Eating meals in breakfast, lunch, and dinner is significant. We know that eggs are high in protein. By eating protein not only helps to refill the muscle loss and allows for weight loss. Increases metabolic activities. It is commonly found in animal products, though it is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes. Protein is a macronutrient that provides calories and energy.



2.Eat super fats

           We think that fats are a significant cause to be fat. But not all fats are wrong; you need to know the difference .without fats, we can't live. Naturally occurring fats are helpful to balance hormones. By eating fats more, it takes majorities of making cell walls in our body. The whole egg is beneficial to burn belly fats. Eating a whole boiled egg every morning, they lose twice weight as they usually lose. According to the health ledger, ghee is the golden elixir to burn our body fats. Ghee contains lactose and casein, making it easy to digest who can't get a digest properly. Ghee has a high heat point, so intaking ghee burns the fats at the cell walls. Nuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that are healthy for your heart. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acid. Fatty fishes (like mackerel, tuna, salmon, trout) are a powerhouse of weight loss. Flax seeds contain a great deal of fibre. These super fats are a healthy food that contributes to boosting the metabolism process to burn excess fat and balance the hormones in our body.


super fats

3.Be hydrated

       Drinking water, coconut water, and fresh fruit juice help to keep our body hydrated. Water carries out many important jobs, crucial for the smooth running of our essential body functions, such as flushing bacteria out of your bladder, aiding digestion, and carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells. 

coconut water

4.Avoid packaged sugar food                                                                                                             

            We all know that packed foods are prepared for a long time. By eating packed foods, it damages our health. We can prepare fresh food at home; there are healthy dessert foods we can eat as breakfast told by the health department. There is nothing as healthy as your breakfast cereal. Nutty granola, nourishing chocolate ice cream, healthy oats cake, fruit and nut toppings, fruit pudding, and fruit sorbet are sweet foods that we can make at home easily for weight loss.

suger foods

5.Avoid eating processed food.

                 Processed and packaged foods are among the most significant challenges to a health care lifestyle in the modern world. A lot has been said about the adverse effects of junk food. It's a quick and sometimes cheap way to quell or clear your hunger pangs. Once you addicted to junk food, it is not easy to give up on it. By avoiding or eliminating junk food, we will get weight loss, good nutrition intake, reduce health risks, clear and glowing skin, better mood ( which affected eating processed food), better sleep, and improve muscle tone. Eating a clean diet rich in whole food, lean protein, and no processed diet can help build solid muscles.

processed food

6.Add whole grains to the diet

       Eating all types of grains that retain the endosperm, germ, and bran. Grains contain full of fibre and rich content of antioxidants. Fibre helps keep our heart healthy and also aids healthy care weight loss.


processed food

7.Eat more colourful food.

        Who doesn't like a colourful food plate? Eating all fruits, vegetables, and leafy vegetables, we will get energy and calories. The colourful food plate looks like a rainbow. When we look at the rainbow automatically, we feel very excited and happy like that when we take all the colourful food automatically; we are fit and healthy.

colourful healthy  food

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